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21977973 21321515 20909150 20843252 VOLVO Air Bag

21977973 21321515 20909150 20843252 VOLVO Air Bag

O.E. refs = 21977973, 21321515, 20909150, 20843252

Other ref = 93807

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Air Bag Assembly to suit VOLVO applications, with OE refs of: 21977973, 21321515, 20909150 and 20843252.

This is a Suspension Air Bag for the Mid Axle and fits on the inside of the axle.

Item is always in stock and a fitting kit is available.

Fitting position = Mid Axle. Need 2 per axle.

Dims = Top plate is 227mm across, with Combo Air Feed/Stud. Piston base is 197mm across with single central fixing.

Large range of other Air Bags in stock, including OE refs: 20427800, 20554756, 20582214, 21961443 and 21961456.

Front Cab Bag, OE ref: 21430900, in stock and comes complete with Shock Absorber.

We stock Spring Bolsters, with OE refs of: 20390836, 8151413, 1629553 and 1577873.

King Pin Kits, Wheel Kits available including OE refs: 3090266 and 3090267.

‘A’ Frame or V Stay in stock with OE refs of: 20741703 and 22318833.

Front Leaf Springs are in stock, including OE refs: 257940, 257941 and 257951.

Rear 3 Leaf Spring, OE ref: 257900, always in stock, along with large range of other leaf springs.

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