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3112282 VOLVO Link Rod for Rear Anti-Roll Bar – B10, B7L, B9

3112282 VOLVO Link Rod for Rear Anti-Roll Bar – B10, B7L, B9

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  • 3031626, 3031624 = Rear Shock Absorber B10M Series
  • 70321693, 70321611 = Front Shock Absorber B12B
  • 1197339 = Drag Link Assembly B10M
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Link Rod for Rear Anti-Roll Bar, for VOLVO Bus applications, with an o.e. ref of: 3112282.

Suitable for B10, B7L and B9 models, this item is always in stock and comes complete with Castellated Nuts and Split Pins.

Dimensions: Length = 220mm. Bar diameter = 31mm.

This Link Rod is available for same day delivery or next day courier service.

Established in 1995, S & M Springs has over 30 years experience in the supply of quality parts for all Commercial Truck, Trailer, Municipal, Bus, LCV and 4×4 vehicles.

We also keep for B10M Series fitting, another Front Shock Absorber with o.e. refs of: 3027423, 3027213 and 3027113.

Rear Shock Absorber, with o.e. refs of: 3031626 and 3031624, is in stock and suitable for B10M Series fitting.

B12B Front Shock Absorber, with o.e. refs of: 70321693 and 70321611, is also in stock.

Drag Link assembly, for B10M applications, with an o.e. ref of: 1197339, is in stock, along with King Pin Kits, including o.e. ref: 3090266.

Rear Air Bag assembly, for B12B Series fitting, is in stock with o.e. refs of: 70376911, 70321690 and 1076420.

Volvo Olympian Bump Stops are always stocked and include, for Front fitting, o.e. ref: 3116603, and for Rear fitting, o.e. ref: 3117111.

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