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81432206313 MAN Midlift Spring

81432206313 MAN Midlift Spring

O.E. ref = 81432206313

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Midlift Spring for MAN TGA applications, with an o.e. ref of: 81432206313.

The Spring is a Single Leaf and comes complete with wrapper and is fully bushed.

Item is always in stock along with the angled Ball Joint, R.H.T. that has an o.e. ref of: 81953016288.

Bonded Midlift Spring Eye Bush with o.e. ref of: 81432400157, in stock.

Cab Wing-Bracket, fits R.H. and L.H., with o.e. refs: 81612435430, 81612435449, 81612435465 and 81612435453, in stock.

SCR CAT Silencer (for EURO 5), with an o.e. ref of: 81151010437, available from stock.

We stock the 2 Leaf MAN Midlift Spring, that has o.e. refs of: 139854-4 and N2436016026.

Midlift Spring Eye Bush, o.e. ref: SP356390299 and Midlift Spring Eye Pin, o.e. ref: SP356390305, both in stock.

Front Cab-Bag, made by SACHS, with o.e. refs of: 81417226053, 81417226066, 81417226067, 81417226069, 81417226070, 81417226071 and 81417226072, always in stock.

Rear Cab-Bag, also made by SACHS, with o.e. refs of: 81417226057, 81417226075, 81417226006 and 81417226012, in stock as well.

Rear Air Tank Bracket, o.e. ref: 81517155116, also available from stock.

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