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88100000A FONTAINE 5th Wheel Assembly 150SP2

88100000A FONTAINE 5th Wheel Assembly 150SP2

O.E. ref = 88100000A



FONTAINE 5th Wheel Assembly, for various applications, with an o.e. ref of: 88100000A.

This is a Top Plate only and comes complete with Handle and Pivot Pins and Bushes.

Model Type: 150SP2. N.B. Does not come with Feet.

Item is in stock along with JOST 5th Wheel Assembly, that has an o.e. ref of: JSK36D.

FONTAINE Jaw Repair Kit, with an o.e. ref of: 59013687 is in stock along with 2 Piece Release Handle, ref: 59015102.

Pivot Pin Bush Kit (for Feet), in stock with o.e. ref of: 59013196.

One Piece Extended Handle Kit, with o.e. ref: 59014458, in stock.

If you need an older style Jaw Repair Kit, with o.e. ref: RPR-5092-R, we keep this as well.

FONTAINE Jaw Spring Kit, o.e. ref: 59015067, in stock and comprises 1 x Double Spring and 1 x Single Spring.

We stock 3 different Run-up-Ramps, also by FONTAINE, with SCANIA o.e. refs of: 1778968, 1905519 and 1937751.

Large range of Air Bags, Leaf Springs, Shock Absorbers, Track Rods and Drag Links, all in stock.

Air Tanks, Brake Chambers, Body Panels, King Pin Kits, Landing Legs, Shackle Pins and Bushes also fully stocked..

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