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FL909/003 FL909003 FODEN Track-Rod End R.H.T.

FL909/003 FL909003 FODEN Track-Rod End R.H.T.

selection of other quality parts stocked for FODEN applications:

  • FL909/004 = Track Rod End L.H.T.
  • 1200200000 = Shock Absorber Front
  • 1456033, FG530396, 1300257000 = Shock Absorber Rear
  • FG50005/2 = Front Spring 2 Leaf
  • 1455837 = Bump Stop Rear (RED)
  • 1455834 = Spring Bolster (Elephants Feet)
  • Y03282707, Y03290507 = King Pin Kit Wheel (S75 Kirkstall)
  • Y03274600 = King Pin Kit Wheel (S63 Kirkstall)
  • 1426358 = Front Spring 2 Leaf
  • 1381683 = Front Spring 2 Leaf
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Track-Rod End, for FODEN applications, with o.e. refs of either: FL909/003, or FL909003.

This is Right Hand Threaded and in stock with the Left Hand Threaded version, that has o.e. refs of: FL909/004 or FL909004.

Rear Bump Stop, Red in colour, and with an o.e. ref of: 1455837, is also in stock.

Spring Bolster, also known as “Elephants Feet”, for FODEN applications, with an o.e. ref of: 1455834. is always in stock.

These are genuine Spring Bolster’s by Hendrickson, and we are proud to have been agents for over 20 years now!

Rear Shock Absorber, with Pin at Top/Eye at Bottom, is in stock with o.e. refs of: 1456033, FG530396 and 1300257000.

Front Shock Absorber, eye and eye in configuration, is in stock with an o.e. ref of: 1200200000.

We stock 2 different King Pin Kits (Wheel Kits), with o.e. refs of: Y03282707, Y03290507 and Y03274600.

Front Leaf Springs, both parabolic and 2 leaf in configuration, with o.e. refs of: 1426358 and 1381683, are also both in stock.

Also available is the 2 Leaf Front Spring, that has an o.e. ref of: FG50005/2.

Mid Axle Air Bag, with o.e. ref: 9500763, is in stock as well.

Midlift 2 Leaf Spring, for FODEN Alpha applications, is in stock with an o.e. ref of: 1232231.

Spring Eye Pin, for Midlift Spring above, is in stock with an o.e. ref of: 13-00709-000, along with Spring Eye Bush, o.e. ref: HS-NS500583.

If you need a timed delivery service for this ref: FL909/003 FL909003 FODEN Track-Rod End RHT, we can help.

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