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1009330 SCHMITZ Air Reservoir-Tank

1009330 SCHMITZ Air Reservoir-Tank

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  • 1107270, 1107269 Landing Legs
  • 1133397, 1133410 Landing Legs
  • 1110436, 1063037 Brake Caliper
  • 1110435, 1063036 Brake Caliper
  • 1003457 Hub Assembly
  • 1093977, 1008054 Shock Absorber
  • 016512 Air Bag (newer)
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Air Reservoir-Tank to suit SCHMITZ applications, with an o.e. ref of: 1009330.

In stock along with popular Air Reservoir-Tank, o.e. ref: 1193014, and Parabolic Single Leaf Spring, o.e. ref: 016499.

ABS Sensor-Bracket, with an o.e. ref of: 1286539, is always in stock.

Newer style Air Bag is in stock, with o.e. refs of: 016512, US86318F, US06318F, 1274268, along with older style, ref: US06285.

Landing Legs, made by JOST, are always in stock, with o.e. refs of: 1133397, 1133410 and 1107270, 1107269.

Quality Brake Calipers, made by WABCO, are in stock and include o.e. refs of: 1110436, 1063037 and 1110435, 1063036.

Hub Assembly, complete with 12 Studs and a Tin Cap, is in stock with an o.e. ref: 1003457.

Flange Assembly, that has an o.e. ref of: 1004054, is in stock with vertical Wing Section, o.e. ref: 1009977.

Brake Pad Set, o.e. ref of: 1101449, always stocked, along with Brake Disc, o.e. refs: 17870 and 1176816.

Wheel Stud, o.e. ref: 017872 and Wheel Nut, o.e. ref: 015685, are both stock lines.

Raise Lower Valve with an o.e. ref of: 1118419, is in stock with Side Guard Leg, o.e. ref: 1138736.

Rear Vertical Buffers (Door Handle Style), with an o.e. ref of: 751646, are always in stock.

We stock the popular Shock Absorber, with o.e. refs of: 1093977 and 1008054. Other refs are also available, so please enquire.

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