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20312648 225048 BOVA Track-Rod Assembly – Right Hand

20312648 225048 BOVA Track-Rod Assembly – Right Hand

O.E. refs = 20312648, 225048.

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A complete Track-Rod Assembly R.H. for BOVA applications, with o.e. refs of: 20312648 and 225048.

One end only is adjustable, and it comes complete with nuts and split pins.

The Left Hand version is also available with o.e. refs of: 20312649 and 225049.

Dimensions: The diameter of the bar is 48mm. Length = 860mm. Cone Size = 30mm.

Item is always in stock along with Male, Angled Ball Joint, R.H.T., that has an o.e. ref of: 4119875.

Complete Air-Bag assembly, that has o.e. refs of: B235216 and B186053, is also in stock,.

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