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A0004213512 A9604210312  MERCEDES Brake Disc – Front

A0004213512 A9604210312 MERCEDES Brake Disc – Front

OE Refs: A0004213512, A9604210312, A9604210412, A9604210512, A9604210812

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Front Brake Discs for MERCEDES with OE Refs incl: A0004213512, A9604210312, A9604210412, A9604210512, A9604210812

Quality Brake Discs always in stock and manufactured by Winnard

These Discs fit the Front Axle, and we also have Rear discs in stock – Please visit our BRAKING Section for more details

Brake Pads for MERCEDES are also always in stock

Vehicle Registration/Chassis No may be required for correct identification


Diameter = 430mm
Thickness = 45mm  (Minimum Thickness = 37mm)
Height = 131mm
Stud Holes = 10 x 21

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Filters and/or Service Kits are also available

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