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Agricultural Drawbar Trailer U-Bolts

Agricultural Drawbar Trailer U-Bolts

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51103 (U-Bolt for 11 leaf Spring)

51104 (U-Bolt for 13 Leaf Spring)

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Agricultural U-Bolts for Drawbar Trailer Springs, to fit 11 Leaf and 13 Leaf Springs.

Item is in stock, along with the Springs.

The Spring Eye Pin is also available with Nut. Pin has one flat edge to it.

U Bolt Dimensions (for 11 Leaf  Spring): Under Head Length = 220mm. Thread Length = 90mm. 

U Bolt Dimensions (for 13 Leaf  Spring): Under Head Length = 250mm. Thread Length = 78mm. 

Dimension for both U-Bolts: Material = M24. Between Legs = 124mm

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