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DEP104141 DEP100069 DENNIS Brake Pad Set

DEP104141 DEP100069 DENNIS Brake Pad Set

O.E. refs = DEP104141, DEP100069

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Brake Pads for various DENNIS applications, including Elite 2 and P.S.V., with o.e. refs of: DEP104141 and DEP100069.

Quality brake pads, in DON brand, always in stock and they come complete with a fitting kit, as in the picture.

Brake Discs are also in stock, so please enquire.

In stock along with Drop Links, refs: DEP104080  and DEP103347, and A.R.B. Bushes ref: DEP102718.

Drag-Link Assembly’s with o.e. refs of: 820564, 820999, 806619 and 619178 are all readily available from stock.

We stock  ‘A’ Frames or V-Stays, with o.e. refs of: DEP100062 and DEP102900.

Spring Eye/Shackle Pins, with o.e. refs of: 254910, 810115 and 807334 are all in stock.

Spring Eye/Shackle Bushes, with o.e. refs of: 254912/17 and 246949 are also, all in stock.

We stock King Pin Kits, Wheel Kits, with o.e. refs of: 805250-32, plus DEP102985 and DEP102986 as well.

The popular Rear Steer Z Spring, with an o.e. ref of: DEP103488, is a stock item along with the U-Bolts, ref: DEP103489.

Large range of Air Bags stocked, including refs: DEP103503, DEP103806, DEP101174, DEP102907, DEP103445, DEP102036, DEP102802, DEP102693 and 614672-11.

Hub Bearing Assembly, o.e. ref: DEP105329 in stock along with Front Spring ref: DEP102798.

Large selection of Shock Absorbers, Leaf Springs, Spring Bolsters, Link Rods, Wheel Bearings and Ball Joints, are all in stock, for DENNIS applications.

If you need a timed delivery service for these refs: DEP104141  DEP100069 DENNIS Brake Pad Set, we can help.

Just give us a call. We are here to help!  For any more information on this, and any other related products…

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