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Y03274600 FODEN King-Pin Kit Wheel – S63 Kirkstall

Y03274600 FODEN King-Pin Kit Wheel – S63 Kirkstall

selection of other quality parts stocked for FODEN applications:

  • Y03282707, Y03290507 = King Pin Kit Wheel (S75 Kirkstall)
  • 1456033, FG530396, 1300257000 = Shock Absorber Rear
  • 1200200000 = Shock Absorber Front
  • FL909/003 = Track Rod End R.H.T.
  • FL909/004 = Track Rod End L.H.T.
  • FG50005/2 = Front Spring 2 Leaf
  • 1455837 = Bump Stop Rear (RED)
  • 1455834 = Spring Bolster (Elephants Feet)
  • 1426358 = Front Spring 2 Leaf
  • 1381683 = Front Spring 2 Leaf
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King-Pin Kit (Wheel Kit) for FODEN applications, with an o.e. ref of: Y03274600.

Suitable for KIRKSTALL S63 Axle Type, always in stock.

Dimensions: Length of Pin = 10 inches.

King-Pin Kit, (Wheel Kit), with o.e. refs: Y03282707 and Y03290507, also in stock.

Track Rod Ends, cranked and female in style, are always in stock, with o.e. refs of: FL909/004 for the Left Hand Thread and FL909/003 for the Right Hand Thread.

Front Leaf Springs, both parabolic and 2 leaf in configuration, with o.e. refs of: 1426358 and 1381683, are also both in stock.

Also available is the 2 Leaf Front Spring, that has an o.e. ref: FG50005/2.

Mid Axle Air Bag, with o.e. ref: 9500763, is in stock as well.

Midlift 2 Leaf Spring, for FODEN Alpha applications, is in stock with an o.e. ref of: 1232231.

Spring Eye Pin, for Midlift Spring above, is in stock with an o.e. ref of: 13-00709-000, along with Spring Eye Bush, o.e. ref: HS-NS500583.

Spring Bolster, also known as “Elephants Feet”, for FODEN applications, with an o.e. ref of: 1455834, is always in stock.

These are genuine Spring Bolster’s by Hendrickson, and we’re proud to have been agents for over 20 years now!

Rear Bump Stop, red in colour and square shaped, are in stock also with an o.e. ref of: 1455837.

Rear Shock Absorber, with Pin at Top/Eye at Bottom, is in stock with o.e. refs of: 1456033, FG530396 and 1300257000.

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