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1364185 SCANIA Throttle Potentiometer Sensor

1364185 SCANIA Throttle Potentiometer Sensor

O.E. ref = 1364185

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Throttle Potentiometer Sensor for SCANIA applications, with an o.e. ref of: 1364185.

Item is in stock along with Idler Pin Kit, with o.e. refs of: 1786130 and 1515668.

Large range of Air Bags stocked including refs: 1903608, 1774804, 2517987, 2073515, 1865759, 1863244 and 1319761.

Leaf Springs all in stock and include o.e. refs: 1377712 Rear 4 Leaf, 8170569 Midlift Single Leaf and 8170540 Midlift 2 Leaf.

Newer style Parabolic 2 Leaf Rear Axle Springs, with o.e. refs of: 1769877 Left Hand and 1769878 Right Hand, in stock.

The older style Parabolic Rear Axle Springs, o.e. refs: 1421060 and 1421061, are in stock as well.

3 different Run-up-Ramps, by FONTAINE, with o.e. refs: 1778968, 1905519 and 1937751, stock items.

Gearbox Mountings with o.e. refs of: 1921972, 1782203 and 1469287 in stock.

Air Tanks stocked include refs: 1778889, 1357950 and 118394.

Rear Drive Axle Shock Absorber ref: 1866129 and Mid Axle Shock Absorber ref: 1867014, both in stock.

Large range of SCANIA parts stocked including: Drag Links, Track Rods, Cab Bags, Bump Stops, Radiators and Brake Chambers.

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