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2290538 1724788 337565 SCANIA Rear Hub

2290538 1724788 337565 SCANIA Rear Hub

O.E. refs = 2290538, 1724788, 337565

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Rear Hub assembly, for SCANIA applications, with o.e. refs of: 2290538, 1724788 and 337565.

This 10 stud Hub unit comes complete with bearings and has 45mm lugs for twin wheel applications.

Item is in stock with Front Cab Air Bag, with o.e. refs of: 2493165, 1926779, 1908098 and 1908097.

Large range of Air Bags, including refs: 1903608, 1774804, 2517987, 2073515, 1865759, 1863244 and 1319761, in stock.

We also stock an Idler Pin Kit, with o.e. refs of: 1786130 and 1515668, and Throttle Potentiometer Sensor with an o.e. ref: 1364185.

Leaf Springs all in stock and include o.e. refs: 1377712 Rear 4 Leaf, 8170569 Midlift Single Leaf and 8170540 Midlift 2 Leaf.

Newer style Parabolic 2 Leaf Rear Axle Springs, with o.e. refs of: 1769877 Left Hand and 1769878 Right Hand, in stock.

The older style Parabolic Rear Axle Springs, with o.e. refs: 1421060 and 1421061, are in stock as well.

3 different Run-up-Ramps, by FONTAINE, with o.e. refs: 1778968, 1905519 and 1937751, stock items.

Gearbox Mountings with o.e. refs of: 1921972, 1782203 and 1469287 are in stock.

Air Tanks stocked include o.e. refs: 1778889, 1357950 and 118394.

Rear Drive Axle Shock Absorber ref: 1866129 and Mid Axle Shock Absorber ref: 1867014, both in stock.

Large range of SCANIA parts stocked including: Drag Links, Track Rods, Cab Bags, Bump Stops, Radiators and Brake Chambers.

If you need a timed delivery service for these refs: 2290538 1724788 337565 SCANIA Rear Hub, we can help.

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